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Diddancing and Our Hope to Represent the US in the 2024 Olympics

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As an artist with experience spanning almost two-decade in the arts, I have a keen sense for self-expression in varying forms that enhances the perception of body movement in a particularly sophisticated fashion … one that glorifies our body’s natural ability to flexibly adjust by utilizing objects around me to that effect hence my descriptive title of “interactive dancing”.

As an interactive dancer, I’ve intently developed multiple characters from scratch with a unique identity that surpasses our general interpretation of what it means to be a dancer, or an artist if you may.

In the works of art, the inherent distinction comes from our unique ability to take what’s already available and optimizing it for a completely different paradigm, hence my need to utilize the advantage the sciences brings in the development of my art.

The characters I’ve developed include, Jesse, Klose, Deji, Ifa, and Time …

Jesse is often credited with bringing the team together unless Ifa decides to step up. Klose has his artistic expression rooted in his spiritually encapsulating depiction of a song. The kind that leaves you breathless. Ifa pays homage to the Yoruba Ifá religion of Nigeria and the system of divination. Deji tends to explore movements around the torso in a way that suggests the beauty of dexterity by mastering one’s own arms around one’s body. A surge in confidence and self-worth is an inevitable repercussion. Time is an eccentric character with a larger-than-life depiction of the arts. One that evokes silence but subtly blends in the mystery of the environment. Here are a few videos for your viewing pleasure!

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